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Bolormaa Dotharl

Bolormaa Dotharl, the Warrior of Light, is one of many known as the protaganist of Final Fantasy XIV.

Appearance Tall.

Personality The Dotharl of the Azem Steppe are known as fearless bloodthirsty warriors - and when you first look at Bolormaa, you'll wonder how she fits that. No, she seems gentle-hearted and more suited to sit down and study in a library then attacking somebody. This is both true and false - for Bolormaa is passionate about understanding what happened before. From all appearances, she would rather speak down an enemy then fight them.

And this first impression is half the story. She believes in the best of all creatures, and believes that words are just as important as actions. But this comes from her upbringing, before she became a Warrior of Light - from those same Dotharl. For they believe the soul is reborn again and again, and people can continue their lives.

Bolormaa is Bolormaa. And Bolormaa will always be Bolormaa, even if she falls. But she isn't sure that her friends and allies have the same strength - so she will fight for them. And she will carry their histories and stories onwards though eternity, though books and stories.

However, this softness and desire has caused issues. Bolormaa will only raise her weapons if she must (or if she is asked, point-blank, to spar). This has nearly costed her her life several times, and each time, she doesn't learn. She may have the mind of a scholar, but she has the heart of a (technical) pacifist.

Bolormaa has been though a lot. Though the lowest lows of losing people, to the highest highs of saving all reality. However, when it comes down to it, all Bolormaa wishes for is a world free of forced conflict. When she arrived in the First - before even knowing who the Crystal Exarch was - she decided straight away she'd help them. However, her good heart has put her at risk of death several times before. That, and her curiousity - she would poke at things she shouldn't. It's part of being a Warrior of Light! It's a common joke that the Warrior of Light eats rocks and other items, and Bolormaa would be that Warrior of Light.

She also has a deep desire for both sides to work out conflicts - which has caused issues before. (Even in her life before the Sundering - before the Gods were summoned - Bolormaa could never choose a side.) This has worked out in some cases (see - the Dragonsong War being solved not though one side destroying the other, but truth and new people taking over.)

Bolormaa is also known to get very emotionally connected to people, even if she's rarely known them. She will die for you even if you're only just friends. This is both a boon and a flaw - sure, a Dotharl believes that a glorious death makes the soul burn brightly and will allow them to come back. But some people think that Bolormaa seeks death.

So, Bolormaa is a soft-hearted warrior who would rather write down your history then end it.



When one of the Dotharl tribe of Xaela are born, their eyes are gazed into by the Khatun - by Sadu. This is to see if their soul is one which perished on the battlefield - and Bolormaa was, according to Sadu.

And thus, Bolormaa was raised to continue the role of Bolormaa. The weaponsmith, who helps others burn brighter. (Was she truly the same soul? Bolormaa never questioned it - this felt right.)

But there are limits to what you can learn in a nomadic tribe. Bolormaa grew frustrated with these limits as she grew, and so, she asked permission to go and study more. She was given such, as long as she returned for the Nadaam - their most holy day. Of course Bolormaa agreed, and thus, she caught a boat over to Eorzea...

A Realm Reborn (2.0 - 2.56)

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Heavensward (3.0 - 3.56)

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Stormblood (4.0 - 4.56)

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Shadowbringers (5.0 - 5.3)

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Powers & Abilities As a Warrior of Light, Bolormaa has the ability to have many jobs and classes. However, in order to make it more fair, Bolormaa has specialised in White Mage and Paladin. Before coming, she was beginning to consider picking up another Job, to learn more, to aid the Scions more. She also has trained her body to survive the brutal life of a Dotharl.

The Echo

The Echo is the ability to understand others' souls. It can not only allow one to understand any spoken language, but it protects their soul from being controlled by another. It also sometimes allows the user to see the past, though not controlled. Bolormaa does not have any extra echo powers like some do, but her Echo is a deep part of her self-identity.
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White Mage

Bolormaa is a trained healer and White Mage - able to mend wounds and also use the stilling properties of Holy magic.
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Bolormaa also knows how to use a blade, and has used her abilities as a White Mage to learn the holy powers of Paladin. She slowly learned how to defend others - especially during Heavensward, after feeling she could have done better for the Scions - and later, Haurchefant. The art of a Paladin is the ability to both slash things with a one-handed blade, but also the ability to use Holy magic.
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Disciple of the Hand and Land

While Bolormaa does not see herself as a master fighter - as compared to many of her home land - she sees herself as a master Crafter. She has aided in Ishgard Restoration, alongside being able to match a weapon to who should wield it. She's also able to find quite a few rare plants, both on the Source and the First. It would take her time to learn how to do such with different materials and tools, but Bolormaa would find her footing in time.
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Name Meaning Her username, tutelary_goddess, is a reference to Materia from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Bolormaa means "Crystal Mother" in Mongolian.

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