Bolormaa Dotharl is a Dotharl hailing from the Azim Steppe, who is a weaponsmith. However, unlike many Dotharl, she doesn't seem to be bloodthirsty? (She is, just in her own way.) Due to her desire to harness her knowledge, she went to Sharlayan and graduated as an Archon. Five years after Louisoix saved Eorzea, Bolormaa decided to head to Eorzea alongside the twins, to explore more ways to make weapons - for the yearly Nadaam.

Every year, she returns - due to her aether, she can teleport there and back. Bolormaa, after all, has a duty to her people - and to the people of Eorzea, and even further. During her quests, she has discovered more history she wishes to preserve - and found a kindred soul in G'raha Tia. She has also been adopted by Thancred Waters - since she seems oddly similar to Minfilia. (Minfilia and her were as close as sisters, until Minfilia left.)

Bolormaa is always Bolormaa, even if she looks masculine or feminine. Bolormaa uses female pronouns, but does not see gender in herself. Not in that gross way, she respects your identity. Bolormaa is just always Bolormaa.